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Homework is set according to age and as outlined in our homework policy. Homework will get increasingly more challenging as pupils move up the school, in preparation for when they start secondary school, when homework will become more demanding.

We expect homework to be completed to a high standard, just as we do with class work, and handed in on time. We encourage parents to support their children with homework, but NOT to do it for them. Homework is a verification that the child has understood what has been taught at school, and helps the teacher to assess understanding.

Typically, homework may consist of reading with/listening to your child read, learning times tables (pupils should be fluent in these up to x12 by the time they start Year 5) learning weekly spellings, Maths and English tasks, and project work.

Children are given a homework diary at the start of the year, and homework should be recorded in this. If children or parents have queries regarding homework tasks, please see the class teacher for clarification.